Planning & Entitlement

What We Do

PCE staff has experience processing various types of planning entitlement applications from zone clearances to plan amendments and tract maps for large-scale development projects.

We have a strong understanding of the planning process including understanding how to implement complex development codes and general plans at the project level. We will follow the protocols outlined by your City, County or District to make sure projects are processed consistently and accurately. However, if there is no established procedure for a project type or process, we have the experience and expertise to be able to write up a procedure.

We can see a project through completion, including presenting at Planning Commission and City Council if needed.

Our experience working directly on entitlements and supervising the process puts us a step ahead of most firms. 

PCE’s planning team has provided Planning Consultation and Project Management on dozens of land use entitlements (rezones, plan amendments, tract maps, conditional use permits, annexations) in various cities throughout the Valley.

Our Expertise:

  • Site Plan Reviews
  • Variance applications
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Plan Amendments
  • Rezone applications
  • Annexations and Pre-Zones
  • Zoning Text Amendments
  • Tentative Tract Maps and Subdivisions
  • Staff Reports
  • Ordinances and Resolutions
  • Municipal Service Review (MSR)
  • Area Plan and Specific Plans
  • ADU Ordinances and Pre-approved Programs

Almond Village Specific Plan and Infrastructure Master Plan (for Planning and Engineering)

PCE prepared the infrastructure study for Village D, a 1,800-acre Specific Plan located on the western edge of the City of Madera. Implementation of the Specific Plan would result in approximately 10,800 residential units, approximately 2,089,200 square feet of commercial and office space, approximately 160 acres of parks and recreational areas, and approximately 54 acres of public facilities including schools. PCE is serving as project manager/planner, coordinating with the City, EIR consultant, and specific plan consultant. Services provided include project management, infrastructure study, financing planning, planning consultation, and environmental consultation.

City of Oakley ADU Program

City of Oakley Guide to Accessory Dwelling Units (2021)

  • PCE prepared plan sets, a guidebook, and application forms for the establishment of an ADU Program for the City of Oakley. The efforts were funded by SB 2 and included the following deliverables completed in 2021: 
    • Pre-Approved Plans and Elevations
    • Visual Guide and Brochure for program participants
    • Internal Processing Checklist for staff
    • ADU Application and Application Checklist

San Joaquin Valley Regional Early Action Planning Program

  • PCE is providing technical assistance and expertise to create a San Joaquin Valley-wide ADU Program through the San Joaquin Valley REAP Program. The program is intended to assist local agencies and is ongoing through 2022. Deliverables include:

    • Standard ADU Plans and Elevations
    • ADU Informational Handout for the Front Counter
    • ADU Implementation Guide for Agency Staff
    • ADU Hearing/Workshop PowerPoint Template for Elected and Appointed Officials
    • ADU How-to-Guide Template for Homeowners
    • ADU Program Staff Report and Presentation for Hearings
    • Technical Assistance to Customize Tools for Implementation

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