20 Years of PCE

Precision Civil Engineering, Inc. is extremely proud to commemorate our 20th anniversary – a significant milestone that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Reflecting on the history of this company – a little luck, a lot of persistence, dedication to our craft, and more importantly, incredible staff and devoted clientele have ensured our growth and success. While we started with just a few, we have not only grown in numbers so have our talents and creativity.

All these changes over the last 20 years came with great efforts, resulting in PCE being recognized as one of the region’s most diversified and dynamic firms, which drives its success through knowledge, expertise, and developing a relationship-centered business.

To all our former and current employees, clients, stakeholders, and friends – I thank you for your commitment to PCE. I want to personally pass along my heartfelt appreciation for all of you.

Here’s to another 20 fantastic years!

-Ed Dunkel, Jr., President & CEO