Meet Our Planning Team

After her first year at Precision Civil Engineering (PCE), Bonique Emerson had been named Vice President of PCE’s Planning Division. Prior to working at PCE, Mrs. Emerson worked for the City of Fresno as the Planning Manager over the Current Planning Division. Mrs. Emerson served the City for over 14 years and has been an Urban/Environmental Planner for over 17 years.


Bonique Emerson is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of UCLA with a Bachelors in Political Science, Minor in Public Policy/Urban Planning and a Masters in Urban Planning. Mrs. Emerson is looking forward to her new role at PCE as the new Vice President of the Planning Division. In this role, she hopes to bring her years of experience in the public sector to the private sector to not only continue to assist private clients through the sometimes difficult planning and entitlement process, but also hope to assist valley communities with some of their Planning needs. We offer comprehensive land use planning services including preparing CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) documents, site and master planning, entitlement processing and project management, recommending and implementing land use and development strategies, due diligence research related to land use and zoning issues, and local government contract planning. Mrs. Emerson’s 3 loves in life are urban planning, travel, and spending time with her family.

As we look to reflect on her first year at Precision Civil Engineering, Mrs. Emerson is most proud of the hiring of our new Associate and Assisting Planners. Her hope for the future is that we can grow our Planning Division to 5-6 full time staff and offer a full range of Planning Services to both public and private clients.  Our goal is to be a leader in innovative solutions to today’s planning and development issues.